Several ways are available on the internet for EML to PST conversion, but it is challenging to find the right solution among them. Thus, this write-up will help you with a reliable EML to PST converter solution that will help you to convert EML to PST. Before getting into this solution, we will also learn about the reasons behind EML to PST conversion.

Reasons behind the conversion of EML file to PST:


I describe some of the reasons for converting EML files, maybe more different reasons for converting EML files to PST.


  • Microsoft Outlook is the most reliable and regular email platform. It provides security features prompt users to check it out.


  • EML files are suitable for moving data from EML files to PST files in case of corruption. By converting EML to PST, the user can access the data of EML files in Outlook, which is an efficient platform.


  • The user can backup EML file data to PST by converting EML to PST file format in case of deleting the configured email profile from that email client.


Now, we will learn about the best solution by Shoviv to convert EML to PST efficiently and securely for Microsoft Outlook.



Shoviv EML to PST Converter tool:


This professional tool by Shoviv is a one-stop solution to convert and save EML files to Outlook PST. It performs the task very quickly and proficiently. Shoviv EML to PST Converter has a simple GUI appearance and offers many user-centric features that make it a top-end solution and easy to use for everyone, even for a non-technical user.


Some glimpses of what this tool has:


  • This tool enables converting single/multiple EML files to PST and other available file formats with all attributes and attachments in a single process. 


  • This efficient solution allows the preview of EML items to be sure just before processing.


  • The tool has no restrictions on file size. There is a split option to convert large EML files into multiple smaller PST files as per the size set by the users.


  • It has a filter facility. Users can include/exclude items from the source file as per Subject, To, From, etc. This option helps select and process specific data from the added EML files.


  • The tool is compatibly run with all editions of MS Windows. It saves EML files data to both UNICODE and ANSI PST files.


  • Along with EML to PST conversion, the EML to PST converter can rapidly convert EML to MSG and export EML files to Office 365 mailboxes and Live Exchange Server mailboxes effortlessly.


Finalizing texts:


When it comes time to convert EML to PST, the mentioned EML to PST converter tool always helps you hassle-free. As known as a professional tool, it is also available in a free demo evaluation version. A demo evaluation will help you get a fair idea about its functions in which you will be able to process the first 50 items per folder. Therefore, it’s easy to upgrade the demo version to the full version

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